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Local Numbers

In addition to our primary numbers with +372 country code, we provide a variety of local numbers.

Local American numbers

This feature allows you to have a local (+1) number while being in USA, Canada, Puerto Rico or Mexico. We hope that this will simplify the process of being reached on a local number within these countries.

How it works:

•You arrive to USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico or Canada, your ConnectALL Global Sim registers on the network.
•+1 number is automatically added to your SIM and you receive text message with your personal American +1 number.
•You can accept calls and text messages onto your +1 number worldwide. The cost of incoming call onto your +1 number is per minute rate of incoming call in the host country plus $0.27 per minute. In case you are in the country with free incoming calls, the cost will be just $0.27 per minute.
•Outgoing calls and text messages to numbers that start with +1 will be displayed with +1 number, outgoing calls and text messages to numbers that start with any other country code will have Estonian number. Your Estonian number is not affected, you can always receive calls and text messages to it.
•If you are away from USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico or Canada networks for more than 60 day period, your +1 number will be deactivated and you will be notified by text message. You will receive a new +1 number if you visit these countries again in the future.

Toll-free numbers

Local toll-free numbers help callers in the home countries reach ConnectALL Global Sim users without dialing the +372 country code.
Available only through your distributor.

Permanent USA and UK numbers

Also we offer numbers for the USA (+1) and UK (+44).
Available only through your distributor.
Anywhere. Anytime.
Toll Free (India): 1800 123 2550   Resellers   Support
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