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Trustive SimWifi

Trustive and ConnectALL Global Sim offer the service Trustive SimWifi,which helps travelers to get comprehensive, international WiFi access to more than 300,000 WiFi hotspots around the world through a single click.Use your ConnectALL Global Sim balance to get WiFi access! No credit card details required!

ConnectALL Global Sim offers 3 Trustive SimWifi packages:

SimWifi package Dial on your phone Price in euros
60 min* *146*1060# €5.99
150 min *146*1150# €13.99
600 min *146*1600# €44.99

* First 60 min package is free of charge!

Validity of all packages is 90 days. No need to spend it all at once. You can purchase in advance and use it when needed!

How to buy Trustive SimWifi airtime

•Dial the combination code listed above on your phone and press call.
•You’ll receive a login and a password as a text message, if the balance is sufficient. You can access Trustive WiFi on any device, one device at a time, without limitation of traffic.
•Proceed to the Trustive login page, choose the provider Trustive, enter the login and the password you received. Enjoy Trustive SimWifi.


•When connected to a WiFi network, always look for Trustive logo or find Trustive in the list of providers. Click on the SimWifi logo to view instructions.
•Download Trustive’s MyHotSpotter  for your computer or mobile phone or use Trustive hotspot locator online to locate Trustive networks worldwide.
•Download Trustive partner WiFi network list.
•Get aquainted with  Trustive SimWifi process flow.
•Check your SimWifi airtime and usage history at using the login and password received by text message.
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international sim
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international sim
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